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    We work with today’s innovators that are creating the new infrastructure of the global private capital markets.  We’re starting by using our global relationships, knowledge and capital to build the crowdfunding ecosystem.  

Investment Thesis

We partner with great teams and bring to the table our networks, knowledge and capital to both build new companies and grow existing companies. These teams are creating disruptive financial infrastructure and innovation that may begin in crowdfunding, but will also deliver value in the rest of the private capital markets.

By leveraging our expertise, access, and relationships in the debt and equity crowdfinance market these innovative teams can move farther, faster in this rapidly evolving global market.

Our Investment Focus includes the 4 sectors creating the global crowdfunding ecosystem:

  • Global market infrastructure for crowdfunding (example: crowdfunding websites)
  • Transparency and trust tools (example: background check services
  • Data analytics/metrics services (example: trend analysis of private placements)
  • White space opportunities not possible before, due to regulatory/tech constraints (example: investor relations tools, real time data, new financial products/services, portfolio management, etc)


We are proud to be partners with the following companies. They represent what we believe are the best in class technologies and support services being built to support a global crowdfunding ecosystem.

  • Crowdcube

    Crowdcube is an online crowdfunding service that enables individuals to invest or loan small amounts in small companies in return for equity or an annual return. It

  • Crowdnetic

    Crowdnetic is a leading provider of technology and market data solutions to the global crowdfinance marketplace. Crowdnetic operates the industry’s premier centralized

  • Offerboard

    OfferBoard is an equity securities private placement platform for small and emerging companies that leverages the experience, history and reputation of the Australian

  • Seed Invest

    SeedInvest is a leading equity crowdfunding platform that connects investors with high quality startups. SeedInvest provides investors with insider access to highly­

Meet The Team

We are not your traditional venture capitalist. We are successful entrepreneurs who have built INC500 companies and raised millions of dollars for them. We drafted the framework to legalize debt and equity crowdfunding that was signed into law by President Obama and were at the White House to witness this monumental event. Our work with Crowdfund Capital Advisors has brought us around the world to help build out a global crowdfunding ecosystem. We are honored to be advisors to some of the leading Fintech companies in the crowdfunding space and we leverage our knowledge, experience, and relationships to further advance our portfolio companies.

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    Jason Best

    General Partner


    Crowdfunding Visionary


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    Sherwood Neiss

    General Partner


    Crowdfunding Visionary


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From time to time we share what we are seeing and learning in the emerging global crowdfunding marketplace with our readers both here and on Venture Beat. Here are some of our recent articles.

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We are always interested in hearing from entrepreneurs or businesses building technologies or services to support the crowdfunding ecosystem.  We are also continually looking for great people to join our team.  If you have one or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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