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Where in the World is Securities Based Crowdfunding?

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Definitions are important.  When we speak about “crowdfunding” our definition includes all forms of online finance that can be used by businesses or organizations.  This includes:  Rewards Crowdfunding (Product Pre-sale), Debt Crowdfunding (P2P/P2B lending), equity crowdfunding, hybrid crowdfunding (bonds or other types of securities), industry specific crowdfunding (e.g. real estate), etc.

Our work over the last 3 years in 35 countries has been to engage our network, knowledge and relationships to work with investors, governments and regulators to combine global best practices with local business requirements to begin to build crowdfunding ecosystems.

The CCVF investment thesis is based on the premise that just like in the industries of online advertising and the online sale of public securities, crowdfunding infrastructure and support service investment opportunities are in technology platforms, products and services that are supporting the growth of a multi-billion dollar market.

The map below shows where different types of crowdfunding exist globally.  As investible opportunities emerge in target countries, CCVF and local investment partners can evaluate these opportunties both in the local market, as well as explore how to leverage innovation in other markets.

What is legal:
Rewards Based Crowdfunding Only = YELLOW
Accredited/Sophisticated Investor Based Debt/Equity Crowdfunding and Rewards Based Crowdfunding = BLUE
Debt/Equity Based Crowdfunding available for all investors = GREEN

Where in the World is Securities Crowdfunding
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On July 9, 2015

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